IRS Problems

If you are having troulbe with the IRS - Please Do Not Feel You Are Alone!

Many people receive notices from the IRS every day. Many of these notice and letters may be very threatening and intimidating. Allow Frost Company to represent you in all Tax Related matters. Many times the Federal or State taxing authority is WRONG! It takes knowing the tax laws and providing the necessary correct information to either eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of taxes owed in many cases.

The worst course of action is to ignore the problem. Don’t allow the IRS to take your money without knowing what amount you truly owe in taxes. We have been involved in thousands of cases over the 28 years of Frost Company. In the event taxes are owed, you have several options to make payments. Let Us Help You!

Even if we have not been involved in your case before, the knowledgeable staff at Frost Company can step in at anytime on your case. We have a reputation with the IRS that we will aggressively defend your taxpayer rights.

If your problems are Prior Year Tax Returns unfiled, Payroll taxes, Liens, or Levy, to Federal or State Agencies allow us to be on your side.